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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  December 23, 2011 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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cut. and for all the political progressing in the house this one only took a few minutes from start to finish. >> the house will be in order. >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that the committees of referral be discharged from further consideration of hr-3765 and ask for the immediate consideration in the house. >> is there objection to the bill, mr. speaker? >> gentleman from maryland reserving the right to object. >> without objection, the bill is engrossed, read for a third time and passed. the house stands adjourned until 1:00 p.m. on tuesday, december 27th, 2011. >> well, if you've watched the past week and a half, the hang wringing and countdown clocks, we knew there was no chance really this is too much kick the can down the road deal wouldn't be made. the first rule of our broken political system, you never raise taxes in an election year and try to have silly side fights to get people to ignore the broader issues in our economy. the system is so ridiculous that
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the white house is actually celebrating this as a victory of monumental proportions. a two-month extension on a small set of policies that doesn't address the core issues. yes, for the pain but not the cause of the pain. and in february, we get to do this nonsense all over again. listen to the president touting this so-called victory before saying aloha for his traditional christmas holiday in hawaii. >> i'm pleased to say they got it done. so i want to thank all the members of congress for ending the stalemate and making this happen. and because of this agreement, every working american will keep their tax cut. thank you, guys. aloha. >> and enough for my interpretations on this one on the day before the day before christmas. to the white house we go, mike viqueira is there. the white house obviously still celebrating, mike. we're celebrating cave-in friday with an ice cream cake. our staff is big on pro-wrestling as you know.
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when a cave-in happens, we'd like to enjoy a cake. and if you can give us a sense of the political merit of this. and is it really as simple as as long as the president looks better than the republicans, that's really all they care about? >> reporter: well, dylan, i'm having a hard time hearing you over the fireworks going off over here at the white house. dylan -- let me go ahead with this. there's an uneasy truth settled over washington. i guess the president in the political market, his futures are way up, so are fig leaf futures for that matter. you're right, we're back here after two months and the president has spoken time and time again about how he wants to do this without any drama, but there's little evidence that can get accomplished. let's get to another sound bite from the president from the same appearance today. >> when congress returns, i urge them to keep working without drama, without delay, to reach an agreement that extends this tax cut as well as unemployment
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insurance through all of 2012. it's the right thing to do because more money spent means more businesses hiring more workers. and that's a boost for everybody. and it's a boost that we very much need right now. >> okay, dylan. who's up? who's down? there's no question the president stumped republicans on this one. in the great political game, a week ago the president appeared in that very same briefing room, it was a saturday, i was here, i'm here every saturday. and he was -- he sort of glumly announced had deal they had made in the senate between harry reid and mitch mcconnell. he was forced to capitulate on the keystone pipeline provision that he swore he would reject. john boehner pulled the plug on the whole thing because his very rested house conservatives were not going for this two-month extension. it's bad policy, it's bad politics to be fighting against a tax cut in an election year, which they were going to have to do in two months, they were against it, but turns out they
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lost because they had the rug pulled out from under them from any number of influential conservatives from carl rove to the senate minority leader himself mitch mcconnell. the dam started to break yesterday afternoon as soon as mcconnell announced he was pulling the rug out from under him. he was going to push him to come back and fight for something more. at the end of february. so that's where we stand right now, dylan, the president winging his way to his home of hawaii. the congress is long gone. >> all right, listen, stick with me for a second, mike. i want to introduce alex burns to this conversation, a reporter for "politico." and staying in the political universe as opposed to the universe of reality where we have poverty, unemployment, housing problems and all the rest of that, be uh in the political universe, it is very clear that the president is ending the year politically at an advantage relative to his republican opponents, it is not clear that america is driving itself toward any real growth. is that a fair assessment of all this? >> that's actually quite a bit
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like what some influential republicans, including the group american cross roads, charles krauthammer, have been saying today, congratulations, mr. president, you've won an incremental political victory. you haven't solved the bigger problem. but look, there's no question that the politics, the optics of this are good for the president and house democrats. i've spoken to any number of republicans today who said it's an unconscionable act of malpractice that the house republicans have allowed barack obama to be on the offensive on the tax issue with his approval rating where it is and the economy where it is. >> and that sort of is this sort of absurdity of this entire circus. you look at the polling, mike, the majority of people would prefer to have somebody who is not any of these people for their president. if you look at the polling on if they were against lines, if there were none of the above lines, if they didn't have gerrymandering, didn't have the money. they have a machine right now, an electoral machine that literally is disconnected from
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the sentiment of the american people leaving us effectively with this battle between republican leadership and the president and the president in that battle by all appearances has a clear advantage of appearing more rational in his decision making at the very least than republican leadership. is that a fair assessment? >> well, part of the problem is that, you know, there's this moral infidelity and the "c" word, compromise. they get behind something, they don't want to compromise, they think it's an abandonment of their principles to do that. they only talk to one another and what they end up doing is driving the wagon train right off the cliff and we saw a perfect example of that. the republicans never were clear on what they wanted. whether they wanted this tax cut to be extended for another year. remember, they were calling it a sugar high for a while. they finally got behind a tax cut -- or at least the leadership did, but they were united in what they didn't want, and they didn't want to give president obama a victory, they didn't want this to last just two months, and they ended up
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having to accept that. so winners and losers, i mean, there's no equivocation here, the president won, republicans lost. >> and you've got to figure on the absurdity of it with the motivations and intentions petty and insane as they are, you have to figure the republicans got their comeuppance. the president said about creating jobs in this country and creating more unemployment in the sound bite mike just played. the president said this, and a lot of folks say this. if we just get people to spend more money, then we'll have american jobs, which i always think about that and i think to myself, how is it that creating debt to spend money to buy something that's going to another country creates a job in america when at least my training in economics suggests that investing money in our own money whether it's infrastructure, health, or whatever it is, is what creates
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jobs, at least the jobs -- am i crazy? does everybody in washington think you create jobs by spending money you don't have? >> well, the argument the president is using is actually fairly similar to the argument that president bush used back in 2001 to justify his tax cut. >> i know. >> just to say you put more money in the system, people go out and spend it. >> don't you think -- do you see my point in the sense -- >> i sure do. when you're in the president's position, in the position of running for reelection with 8.6% unemployment and a congress that doesn't want to work with you, you know, in some respect, the biggest victory you can go for is one that just underscores the fact that congress doesn't want to work with you and that's what you've got here. >> that's obvious. my personal pet peeve is i find that investing money creates jobs, not spending money overseas, but it's a day before the day before christmas, i won't subject you to a bunch of economic gibber jabber from me. alex, thank you very much. mike, thank you.
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have a good holiday guys. >> you too. the house, the senate, and the president, you name it, americans are tired of it. but guess whose numbers are on the rise. plus, all we want for christmas is some government waste. would you pay $765,000 of your money for pancakes? well, guess what, my friends, you already did. and what does kevin mcalister have in common with the gremlins? find out as we continue with this special holiday edition of "the d.r. show." [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose, because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪ that's what people could say
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♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ the rockefeller center christmas tree, i'm going to share a funny story with you about that tree later in the show. that tree actually once broke my toe. i'll explain it. anyway -- i'm not kidding. first, let's talk a little bit about our government and their obsession with a christmas wish. there's a report out just before christmas on government waste wrapped up with a big red bow from our good friend and neighbor senator tom coburn, mailing his analyst detailing $6.5 billion of wasted taxpayer cash. here is some of the d.r. show
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staff favorites from the list. particularly attractive the $35 million of our money already allocated so politicians can party at next summer's conventio conventions. meaning our taxpayer money for them to party, you understand how it is, they have lots to celebrate. to we're paying for them -- you get it. okay. great. $10 million for us to remake the "sesame street" for pakistanis. listen, we've got to fund that. nearly $800,000 to subsidize a program i call pancakes for yuppies. the money was originally intended, apparently for development in a developing neighborhood, but they decided we'll give the ihop. $131,000 for dragon robots to teach preschoolers. i don't know why our government would do it. i would imagine someone in silicon valley could do a fine job. museum getting $113,000 to
1:15 pm
preserve video games for posterity. you know, for atari that could be worth something. $147,000 for the american museum of magic, and the biggest waste of them all, $18 million spent on foreign aid, $18 million spent on foreign aid to our friend and neighbor china. discounting our currency 50% while giving our manufacturing mates enough foreign aid for one year? apparently not, we've got to write them a check too. u.s. debt through 15 trillion. the christmas mega panel is here. karen finney, crystal ball, where are you crystal? everyone looks very holiday except for you. what's that about? do you see the ladies? do you see me? look at this. and look at you. >> we've discussed prior to the show how you are fully in santa claus mode. >> i'm here to play. >> i love the christmas tie, dylan.
1:16 pm
>> are you -- >> say that again, karen? >> i said is he waging a war on christmas? >> no, not at all. i'm a merry christmas warrior. everyone say happy holidays, i'm not with that p.c. stuff, i say merry christmas. >> brave of you. so brave. >> i say happy hanukkah to my jewish brother and sisters and merry christmas to other people who celebrate christmas. what's so wrong with that? >> what's wrong with it is your refusal to wear fabric or a tie in some way that would reflect a celebratory tone in your life and in this environment. look at crystal, look at karen, look at me. i look like i'm dressed like a clown -- >> look at your tie, dylan. >> come on. >> is this -- >> show them the other thing. show them -- >> the pen? >> no. >> all right. let's talk about government waste. >> this is why people hate government. i mean like this sort of waste that is going on for the dumbest
1:17 pm
things imaginable. it's sort of like boggles the mind of how can you do these things? nobody would ever even find out so we'll just do this ihop thing and "sesame street" for -- >> for pakistanis, no less. >> the china thing i can understand because we kind of need you guys. >> kind of need you guys. >> here's the other thing, karen, and you have the dead accurate perspective on this. the tragedy of lists like this -- >> as opposed to toure. >> no, listen, you're already in the dog house on the christmas front. you already have issues today. but karen, the issues with these types of lists is they make wonderful cable fodder, make wonderful political fodder, make -- i mean, there's nothing better over christmas than to be like, we spent $800,000 on pancak pancakes, somebody shut down the government. the tragedy in this is that it actually really serves as a distraction -- these are pebbles, nickels and dimes, not that they mustn't be addressed, be uh they distract us f dysfun
1:18 pm
wo wouldn't you say? >> that pancake program that is actually not a porsche neighborhood, that is a minority owned business in a neighborhood that is a transitional neighborhood, which to your point, these lists end up -- we going off on that tangent and using these big numbers to say oh, how ridiculous things are instead of talking about what fundamental underpinning problems we need to be dealing with. like why did congress spend a year taking away women's rights, talking about, you know, being anti-muslim -- you know, hearings -- >> you don't have to explain what's wrong with congress, we know, we got it. >> then we come down to the end and can barely get this payroll tax. >> what i want to know is what you have against dragon robots, really. that sounds amazing. i mean to karen's point -- >> only if they could blow fire. that would be cool. like put -- put one of those butane things in it and light
1:19 pm
it, thad be bad for the kids, though. >> great christmas present, right? my daughter would love to have one. >> maybe we'll get your daughter a fire-breathing dragon. she's good with butane, right? >> she's great with butane. 3 years old, she's great with it. but i do want to make one serious point which is it's easy in an enterprise as large as our government is to pull out the equivalent of the $16 muffin. but the question is, we all know there is government waste. i don't think like to use these anecdotal things as a reason to undermine government. and the other thing is, we have to look at okay, so what's the solution rather than pulling out the ridiculous examples. >> which goes to the hot spotting and our government is obsessed with how much and not how, which is why so many of us get so frustrated. listen, let's get optimistic, shall we? >> let's do it. >> you want to get optimistic? other than toure, all of us are dressed optimistically. if you were to look at the poll data, you know everybody's not
1:20 pm
polling that well. the congress, 11%, the president's at 43%, and then the big reveal that didn't actually happen because all three of the numbers on the screen all at once which took away the anxiety and tension that i tried to create before i revealed that data which is irrelevant right now. as you see, santa claus polls very well. >> i don't see dylan ratigan's poll rating on that screen. >> i'm somewhere between -- >> toure, we know you hate christmas, so don't try. don't even try. >> i don't hate christmas at all. >> that's your next book "post christmas," i can see it now. >> i love christmas, but the santa claus theme bothers me deeply as a parent. and let me tell you why -- >> come on. >> let me tell you why. the gratitude is going to some magic being rather than the parents who work their butts off thinking and running around town -- >> writing books -- >> taking care of the children. >> wait -- >> not some magical white man who doesn't actually exist. >> i'm sorry --
1:21 pm
>> -- he is the reason -- >> their parents who work hard for us, what about us? >> karen first. go. >> what i'm hearing is that toure is anti-santa claus because it's not about him. it's got to be about toure instead of about creating a beautiful mythology for your children. i think -- kids have this beautiful mythology, it's part of how we have hope that, you know, our dreams can come true and you just want to crush that. >> when you become a parent, karen, you call me up and you'll go, you know what? now i see what you were saying. >> hey, toure, i'm a parent. >> i'll be offering her child a bottle of butane wrapped in a dragon costume. but your thoughts on the issue of santa claus stealing the glory of your hard work, crystal. >> you know what? i have a totally different problem with santa claus. america needs to get over this santa claus worship. every year he comes around creating an entitlement culture. >> thank you! >> brainwashing our children into thinking they can get
1:22 pm
something for nothing. >> yes! >> those elves are taken -- >> crystal! >> -- the anti-santa claus. >> i love santa. >> karen, quickly. >> it seems like maybe now it's parents hate santa claus. single people like us with no kids, we love him. >> yeah, because we still believe in santa claus because we haven't had kids -- can i share with you the story of how the rockefeller christmas broke my toe? >> please. >> i was at home, i don't know what it was, fourth grade, fifth grade. and i was watching the lighting of the christmas tree on the television. it was after school, whatever it was. and i was very excited about it i might add, i was just sitting there, and they turned the lights on the tree, and i'm so excited that i run to the kitchen to get on the telephone to call my mother to tell her that the tree was lit. and as i leapt from the couch to run to the kitchen to get on the phone, i ran into the wall with my foot and broke my toe.
1:23 pm
i got to the phone and called my mother and i said they just lit the rockefeller christmas tree and i just broke my toe. >> aww -- >> but the tree -- as the tree -- >> it did nothing. >> no, it did. broke my toe. >> it was your inability to navigate your space of your own you had lived in for 11 years. >> it was really the tree. >> he was overcome with joy. you can't blame him for that. >> toure, you're a hater today. >> you call that for want of a nail. that's what we would call that. >> this panel stays, i don't even know why. i'm marking christmas as only the dylan ratigan show could do it. your gift you're purchasing on behalf of santa claus, is it funding al qaeda? [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun.
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so apparently our holiday shopping sprees may be powering some of the world's most vicious elements. inventory is sold on the black market and the money is taken and used for nefarious purposes. it's a $38 billion industry globally and our next guest followed that money trail from street black market sales into the bank accounts and where does it go? as to the very path of that cash into the drug lords and terrorists who end up with it. merry christmas indeed if you're buying gifts on the black market. joining us now, reporter for bloomberg television and author of black market billions, that's a "b," my friends. how organized retail crime funds global terrorists. wow, that's a scary concept. >> yes. >> walk us through briefly --
1:28 pm
walk us through the money, use us as an example. remember, we've got two lovely guests on remote right now who are in the christmas spirit as you are, and one who obviously is not. >> okay. so let's say the three of us form a group, we want to go ahead and make some extra money. we're part of a larger group. there's a guy that has a warehouse has commissioned us to go steal for him, right? >> well, let's use karen. karen has a warehouse, she has commissioned us to steal on her behalf. >> right. so karen wants us -- >> i was going to say karen wanted to buy from us, but -- >> i like that better. >> crystal the warehouse so there's not any suggestion of racial profiling in this whole nonsense. crystal is in charge of the warehouse, karen is the buyer, and we are thieves, and that's that. you're a thief. >> so crystal is our boss, right? she commissions us to go into a store. >> okay. >> and in this case, we're going to go ahead and steal from let's
1:29 pm
say a walgreen's. >> why wouldn't we go to saks across the street. >> we could go to saks, there's organized retail crime rings that go in there. but for this purpose, since we're traveling, we go up and down the east coast, hit these walgreen's and these different towns, we have five minutes, we steal the most expensive items. razor blades, crest bite strips, anything with a $40 or more tag, we throw it in a bag that's lined with tinfoil so it doesn't set off those sensors. >> that's why i always get caught. i didn't know that. >> you've got to line the bag with tinfoil. >> you learn something every day. >> we go back to crystal, crystal's our boss. she has a warehouse and we say, hey, crystal, we've got this merchandise. we've also taken it from -- >> i-95 -- >> yes, absolutely. we've gone up and down for the last three weeks, it's all we've been doing, we have a warehouse full of stuff. you cut us a check for 20% of it, crystal takes the 80% and crystal has another group of minions, they put the stuff
1:30 pm
online or go and sell it to maybe a bodega or mom and pop store and she makes the commission off that money. >> and what's crystal doing with that money? we're selling that stuff to karen? >> so karen comes along and says, hey, you know what? i lost my job, i'm not sure where my next paycheck will be, i want to go ahead and buy some, you know, really expensive soap for my daughter or my aunt. she goes in there, she goes to a bodega says, oh, my gosh, here's a brand name soap i've seen very expensive but it's marked down 80%. i scored, i'm going to buy ten of these. crystal makes that money and crystal happens to be associated to even maybe a gang or a terrorist group, let's say her family's been involved in terrorism or she's, you know, from lebanon or has had -- >> what you got against lebanon? >> nothing against lebanon. >> what's with the lebanon thing? >> nothing against lebanon.
1:31 pm
i've used -- >> the point is you told us this grand narrative because this is what's happening all the time to the tune of $38 billion. >> yes, i've followed the money trail. >> what is the number one store being robbed from at the ground level of all of this? is it walgreen's? do they go to places like tiffany's? >> they never want to say we're the number one store. they don't want to put themselves out there like that, but the people i did interview, you know, walgreen's, for example, it is -- i don't want to say it's easy to steal from them because they have a very good loss prevention system in place. but drugstores, a lot out there. anything that's easily accessible and maybe don't have a lot of people in the stores that are out there watching out for merchandise that's getting stolen. >> crystal, karen? >> what can we do as consumers? how do we know that we're buying stolen goods, black market goods? i'll be honest with you, i do love a good sale. >> everyone loves a good sale. well, it's interesting, and i
1:32 pm
think when i wrote the book, the one thing i really wanted to do was put this in the hands of the consumer. it's important that the consumer take control of it and figure out where the merchandise is coming from. so ask. if something is too good to be true, you know, if it's marked down 80%, if you know that maybe a handbag, for example, costs $1,400, and it's getting sold to you for $300, clearly that's either fallen off the truck or it's fake. >> and the store owners always know? >> the store owners in most cases they might be working with the warehouse owner, in others, which, you know, walgreen's is telling me that in some instances, these store owners actually bought merchandise from warehouses they thought were legitimate that they didn't know. so again, if it's priced too cheaply, that's a huge indication that that might not be a legitimate -- >> that's a rule for life. >> yeah. it's a really good -- >> same way with credit insurance in the swaps market. trust me, if it's cheap, it's
1:33 pm
not that good. go ahead, karen. >> i was going to say, it sounds like what we've been talking about. if it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. >> price indicates to you what's going on. >> yeah. >> if something is remarkably cheap -- >> well, the question -- i guess that's one of the questions that, you know, and i love a good sale too, but sometimes it does -- it's hard to tell because, you know, some of the producers of these, you know luxury goods or what have you will say it's because we use better leather or better material, so you think that's what you're paying for. and yet you know that stores mark it up, so then you get it -- even saks fifth avenue has the great 70% off sale. i think to crystal's question, i think it's a hard way for consumers to navigate because certainly nobody wants their money going towards, you know, whether it's child labor or it's toward terrorist networks, so figuring out how we can better know how to not do that seems like a real challenge here. >> well, of course. and again, like i was saying
1:34 pm
that a lot of these retailers have checks in place. a legitimate saks fifth avenue sale is a legitimate sale. but if you're going on ebay or if you're going on a craigslist, for example, and something looks too inexpensive or even if you look at the picture and it doesn't look like the good leather, chances are it may or may not be a legitimate product. and, again, i always say you have to really in this case so much transaction happens online. and i think in this case you really have to see the product and have it in hand just to see, you know, how that product is. >> thank you for teaching us. seriously, about the chain. it goes into the broader narrative which is if things are mispriced, there's a reason. >> yeah. >> and that's that. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> "black market billions" is the title. check her out on bloomberg, as well. thank you for joining us and
1:35 pm
doing so in such festive spirit as a few other people did. >> it's not too much? >> no, it's wonderful. he's the problem. anyway, toure, karen, crystal, have a wonderful holiday. >> you too, dylan. and still ahead here, the characters from christmas past who have made it a happy holiday in hollywood. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol
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. ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah well, that was a scene from
1:39 pm
"christmas vacation" a holiday favorite among many of our staff members, myself included. but it did not crack the top five of what "atlantic" magazine deemed the greatest holiday films of the past 30 years. at number five, a little low on the list in our opinion "home alone." >> it's too late for you, kid, we're already in the house, we're going to get ya. >> okay. come and get me. >> why you -- now you're dead! >> well, coming in at number four, tim burton's creepy claymation classic "nightmare before christmas." >> i'm a master of flight, demon of night and i'll scare you right out of your pants. >> number three, it's since become a broadway musical, 6'3"
1:40 pm
will ferrell as "elf." >> okay, people. tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m., santa's coming to town. >> yeah! oh, my gosh! santa's here? i know him. >> from tool time, number two on the list, tim allen in "the santa clause." and the ultimate holiday movie, drum roll please -- "gremlins." from our corner of the world, we consider that an unexpected
1:41 pm
number one. our personal number one here on the d.r. show has to be "four christmases," but we are a good bit biased since it was produced by our good friend and former d.r. show producer and co-creator derek evans. we've got our own biases around here. but up next, choosing your future, how america can make a new year's resolution that actually means something. deepak chopra our guest after this. ♪ silver bells ♪ silver bells >> hi, baby. ♪ it's christmas time in the city ♪ ♪ and just let me be [ male announcer ] this is your moment. ♪ your ticket home ♪ [ male announcer ] this is zales, the diamond store. now with stayfree you don't have to worry.
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♪ all new technology ups brings to me, that's logistics. ♪ well, we all know the holidays are here and the new year around the corner for that matter, and for many that means the new year's resolution. but what if this year we all resolved to choose our own future as human beings, we have the unique and rare privilege to do that by making decisions and changing decisions and changing our own intentions in order to alter the path of our own existence. a field of rocks or trees have a much harder time doing that. and there are not many folks who know more about that power than deepak chopra, the author of the classic "the seven spiritual laws of success," which is recommended for sure for this time of the year. and it's nice to see you. >> thank you. >> talk to us a little bit about the unique capacity, all human beings have relative to the
1:46 pm
balance of the sort of existed world. >> we're the only species that has a nervous system that can make us self-aware. and that gives us the unique advantage. who am i? what do i want? what's my purpose? what's my contribution? what do i -- how do i want to make a difference? how do i express myself? that actually causes physical changes in your preference cortex. biological organisms are fine tuned. it's not like you visualize our make hard intentions, you reflect. the ability to reflect is a very unique ability. and when you reflect and you live the question, life automatically moves you into -- >> and that's remarkably confusing, particularly in a
1:47 pm
society where we have this -- we cling to this belief and illusion of a known universe and the ability to navigate a predetermined path through the known and noble universe. and you're saying don't articulate what it is you're going to do and what it is that's going to happen but actually postulate questions to yourself that -- and then look for answers from the outside. is that right? >> nature responds to you to the questions you ask of it. we do not know nature as nature is, but even scientifically a very experiment is set up to ask a question. what we call a fact is actually a description of a mode of human knowing. facts are not facts as attributes of the universe. they are descriptions of modes of human knowing, human beings have the unique capacity to ask questions, live the questions, and our biology responds.
1:48 pm
but because it's an activity of the universe, the universe and biology are a single system. you are the observer and that which is observed are both simultaneous activities of the universe. the question contains the answer. >> and walk me through how that manner of being, that manner of awareness can help us at a time when we feel people -- people feel disempowered. they feel that they are victimized in some way either by a large corporate apparatus or government apparatus. >> in every moment of your life, everything you're experiencing is a mirror of your sense of self. so in the seven spiritual laws, i ask seven principles. the law of giving, the more you give, the more you receive because everything circulates.
1:49 pm
the law of least effort, least effort, which is very difficult for people to understand because you're brought up in an ethic of hard work, exacting plans, driving ambition, but nature operates through do less and accomplish more. spring comes and the flowers bloom, birds fly, you know, everything happens spontaneously, so love intention, inherit and the intention is the mechanics of the fulfillment. the love detachment. if you really want something, let go of it. and the love purpose that's called in eastern traditions that everyone has a unique expression. there are no spare parts in the universe and you're here to sing your song and really sing it. and lots of people want to hear that song. >> and -- >> and there's karma, of course, which is now -- >> sure. >> in our corporate world -- >> for me, this has been a huge learning year for me as a
1:50 pm
person, as a human. and the greatest lessons for me have been learned through the indulgence of my ego and then leading that to anger and frustration. i became more famous, in fact, this year because i yelled on the internet. he lost his temper. but the realization, actually, has been very profound for me in that the indulgence of that ego of that anger is directly -- not only self-destructive but counterproductive, and yet we see it not just in me per se but as a prevalence in a lot of our society. >> we do. but you know, it's a stage of development if i may say so. >> i'm glad to be making my way through it, i'll say that. >> and sees rage, it adds to the turbulence. what you require is not drama, but sobriety. when there is sobriety, and where there is understanding, then there is insight and
1:51 pm
intuition and all the things that make us unique. >> it's exciting. you're optimistic, what is your view of the world going into the end of the world? >> i always like to see every problem has an opportunity and every adversity, there's a seed for a greater benefit. so we have to pause, we have to see there's definitely a lot of chaos and turbulence, but this could be a transition. whenever there's lots of chaos, there's some creative thing emer emerging. >> well, thank you for being a part of my life this year. and i look forward to working with you next year. deepak chopra, happy holidays. toure coming back with his guide to surviving the holiday break. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose,
1:52 pm
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finally today, toure's here with holiday survival. >> for some people, christmas is a wondrous time, for those of us over 12, it's pressure, also struggle to find patience for the special people in your life who are judging you for every little thing. sometimes i envy orphans who are unmarried. you can't pick your family, you do pick your significant other, but they come with more family you can't pick. i've been petitioning my senators to introduce legislation to make christmas a biannual thing so we do it once every two years, but so far it remains the sole form of torture that senator schumer stands behind. how do we survive? number one, table placement is key.
1:56 pm
if at all possible, try to foresee where your creepy uncle or crazy cousin or mother-in-law will sit at christmas dinner and put yourself at a different part of the table.aassigned seats, bribe the hostess. number two, don't talk politics. the christmas dinner table is not the megapanel on the d.r. show. everyone knows talking politics can only lead to disaster and still people do it at thanksgiving. my sister, a doctor, said to me, there's eight jobs currently open at my hospital, that's how i know the occupy movement is b.s. i bit my tongue so hard it still has bite marks. number three. see through people. i don't mean see them naked like you're marcia brady trying to get over nervousness, i mean see through what people are saying into what they actually mean. when you're among family, everything is coded. when someone says you just know everything, it means you're
1:57 pm
really obnoxious or when mom says can you please pass the salt? it means this dish sucks, i wish we did christmas at my house like we did when you were little and everything was perfect. once you realize what people are saying you can learn how to avoid responding. number four, invite outsider, i always thought family will behavior better when nonfamily is present. everyone's got a friend or two or three who is a christmas refugee. invite them. that's the true christmas spirit muzzling the family passive aggressive olympics. number five, deal with the wrinkle in time. accept that when family gets together, we magically and tragically resort to the old social arrangements. whatever roles you played in the family within the unit in high school, they will be played again or they will be rebelled against. i didn't come to this table to answer your resentment from 20 years ago, but here we are. you may be alpha in your real life, but you'll be treated as less than that by your nuclear unit which doesn't respond to
1:58 pm
your newfound real world status. you got to grin and bear it. this is a separate part of your life, and it'll only profit your therapist. number six, avoid history class, don't ask older folks any question about the past like what was christmas like in your day, grandma. old people love to talk about the past, and how much better things were. ask them one question 20 minutes later, they're talking, everyone else is fighting. number seven and finally, drink copiously. alcohol should make the holidays much easier to deal with unless it takes the drama way over the top, in which case instead of living through a passive-aggressive pbs period piece, you get to watch a live action bravo show, real housewives of your life. merry christmas, everybody. >> i was with that entire list right up until the very end because as you started talking about the recommendation for excess drinking in order to compensate, i could only think to myself of tiger woods at 2:00
1:59 pm
in the morning running out of his house with a person chasing him with a golf club, this is at the time he is the king of the universe only to why i would think if they were drinking maybe that might not have happened. >> obviously tiger had many, many other problems. you know -- >> i won't -- >> it could blow up the whole thing, but it's more fun! >> and you can resolve it then. >> no, you can't resolve it. >> tiger resolved it. >> no, he's still got problems. scars run deep in family and never really heal. >> fine. well, happy holidays. >> what are you doing for christmas? >> i'm -- >> i need extra guests. >> are you looking for somebody to be a buffer? >> yeah. d.r. in the room, everything will be sweet. >> no, no, it won't be, it wouldn't be. maybe valentine's day we'll do something. >> that sounds great. >> with our ladies. >> yeah. okay. have a good holiday. >> you too. and before we wrap this thing up, as this will be the last outing for me in 2011 on this program for all of the things that have outraged me this year and for


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